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about 8 years ago

Unpacking the traffic & weather data; plus, more developer tools

Hi, tunnel transformers!

We realize that we’ve thrown a lot of data at you, so we came up with some easy ways to approach and start integrating the weather & traffic data into your Taipei tunnel traffic solutions. (Using this data isn’t a requirement — but we definitely think it can give you a head start in understanding the problem and designing your app.)

  1. To help you better visualize the scale and scope of the data, we've mapped all of the vehicle detector locations along Highway 5.
  2. And here’s a map of all the meteorological stations.

Both the weather & traffic data are provided as XML. If you'd prefer JSON, you can convert the data using a little Python. Here’s how.

Still want more tech love? We understand. Our friends @ IBM Bluemix are letting developers experiment with their suite of cloud development tools and services with a free 30-day trial. There are loads of data analytics tools, plug-and-play IDEs, and IoT solutions. Check it out here.


We love questions! Hit us up at or on the discussion forum. Thanks!